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Event Date
Year 6 Secondary Transition Week 22/06/2020
Hall mead Maths Competition (selected year 6 pupils) 03/07/2020
Lead Learner Assembly reception and KS1 (by invitation only) 15/07/2020
Lead Learner Assembly KS2 (by invitation only) 16/07/2020
School finishes at normal time for Summer Holiday 22/07/2020 @ 3.15 pm

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Visit the website of our Parent & Teachers Association, 'The Friends of Branfil' for more informaiton about fundraising for the school and upcoming events.

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You will have received a letter for each of your children with a unique code. It's this code that will link your child to your account. If you have not received your letter yet, please enquire at the school office or send an email to We only require your name and email address to register. We also ask that you choose a password to secure your account.

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